salt water fishing
Aw so much fun ! The best is in boat or on pier. You smell that salt air ! fill that sun beating down on you ! Open up bait either shrimp or sq. get rod put that lure on it with rig on with hooks and weight then you stab bait with hook and it gonna get mess here cause you gotta touch bait but just try do it fast. The you hold rod in one hand c--- that bell on it. hold onto line then cast it way out there just try not go out with cast too. Then you bring line tight and wow now you are fishing can life get any better ! The cool thing about ocean is you never know what gonna be on end when you get fish. you might be able to real it in or it might want to pull you in ! but wow that part of thrill chase ! if you happen hook eil or snake looking creature well just drop that pole and get hell out there that all I can say about them. But if there fish on end that line just ask kind gentleman to remove it for you most want mind !

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