commercial fishing
well I tried that all day fishing adventure once on a boat but my mistake was made when i went out during hurricane season guess what the ocean was so rough you tried walk on one side boat and you end up on bottom on the other side boat ! drunk I felt and I not even have taste beer yet ! so they said go sit inside you will feel better well I soon realized i needed to throw that person over board who gave me that advice cause hell no i didnt ! Well It time fish they give me a monster of real and rod and It heavy as lead and well man comes over hands it to me i fall right over ! He said oh mam are you ok I look him like well not sure he says lets try this again ok ! I get up and here goes the monster rod and wow i look him said i know i dont gotta throw this thing he says well mam u see this button just hang over side and hit it. it electic he says I look him said well I not want this thing here have it back. he said but mam u wanna fish I said yes with a real rod do you got one them he rolls his eye me said well you cant real that long i said yes i can! Well i never found out cause about one hour into it and tossing boat I was so sea sick couldnt wait to be back on dry land. so check forcast before you go out my advice !

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